“We were up and running in just over 90 days and for exactly what they told us the deployment would cost.” – Kevin Garvey, COO @ DataRay Inc.

While 90 days for every deployment would be great, and it has been done—the typical time to go live is 4-6 months. Our process makes the transition as seamless as possible for your company.

Our Top 3 Goals for Deployment

  1. Lower your time to value. We get it. You want to gain value from the system as quickly as possible. We want that too.
  2. Keep your cash outlay under control during deployment months. We’ve got you covered here also. Our monthly pricing includes everything as a service.
  3. Set you up for continued success and provide future scalability. Our deployment model is built on this very concept.

“They see things through to the very end and do not leave anyone hanging. They made sure that they knew and understood the processes better than we did, so we always had a knowledgeable resource partner standing behind us well after go-live.”
– Dina Neuman, Operations Manager @ Tiger Companies

What makes SimplyFood different?

We apply a forward-thinking business model to our SimplyFood deployments. The days of large up-front fees, cost overruns, and lengthy complex implementations are gone. Instead, we adhere to reasonable goals, predictable monthly costs, shortened time to value, and our company is your deployment partner (with special emphasis on that word “partner”).

Additionally, we focus specifically on the food industry. But make no mistakesaving you time and money never involves cutting corners.

Find out more about our modern ERP business model (PDF).

We have given you a tremendous amount of information to help you make an informed decision on your food-based ERP software selection, but we are not done yet. Before you contact us directly, we want you to have a complete picture of what engaging in a software project with SimplyFood looks like.

The most difficult thing we do is make deploying a new ERP system look easy.

Given the complexities associated with on-premise software implementation, a large number of ERP projects are viewed as failures. Beyond that, most ERP vendors treat their clients like an ATM machine. So what makes SimplyFood different? Contact us now to find out, and view our pricing.

Now that you know more about us and what our solution can do for you, let’s talk!