It would be wrong to call our product SimplyFood if our pricing was complicated. Good thing we have the easiest pricing in cloud software today.

Whether you are an established or startup food processor, or an eCommerce focused food company, we have affordable plans with no hidden costs. Our deployment and support plans include everything as a service wrapped up in an easy monthly payment. And for startups we realize that you will probably have less requirements to start out, so we include our Basic deployment and support package which makes it easier to get SimplyFood up and running even on a tighter budget.

Everything you see in the pricing table descriptions for each package below is included in the price. Plus, you get a 3-year price lock, and our price protection guarantee which states that after this 3-year price lock expires, your monthly price will never increase by more than 3% per year. We challenge you to find any other food-focused ERP provider that will give you the same commitment without a dozen different ways in fine print to charge you more in the future.

Our pricing really is this easy. What you see is exactly what you get. Simple, some might say.

Processor - Startup

  • Up to 10 Named Users
  • 50G Storage
  • Financials, Inventory Control, Order Management, Production Planning, Weekly Demand Planning, Advanced Track & Trace
  • Acumatica Cloud Managed Services
  • Basic Deployment, Training & Support

Processor - VIP

  • 100G Storage
  • Financials, Inventory Control, Order Management, Production Planning, Weekly Demand Planning, Advanced Track & Trace
  • Acumatica Cloud Managed Services
  • Essential Deployment, Training & Support


  • 10 Concurrent Users
  • 100G Storage
  • Financials, Inventory Control, Order Management, eCommerce Connector Integration: 1 site – Shopify or BigCommerce
  • Acumatica Cloud Managed Services
  • Essential Deployment, Training & Support

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Startup or Basic Pricing - SimplyFood Software
VIP Unlimited Users Pricing - SimplyFood Software
eCommerce - Food Processor Software

Pricing FAQs

Yes. Our pricing includes everything you see in the tables.  The only things that would not be included in this price would be the cost of software and deployment of third-party ISV products, customization projects, and things we consider consulting such as helping balance books, process-related tasks (i.e. releasing invoices, process-related imports, etc.).  Basically, things that we have trained your team to do in the software, but you choose to have our team do them instead.

SimplyFood was built on and is powered by the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform.  We scale our software based on a commercial transaction tier.  Since SimplyFood was built for small and medium sized enterprises, most of our clients fall within the S or M level tiers.  But we can certainly scale up to the next tier levels, it just requires an upgrade to the cloud infrastructure and price.

Yes!  Gone are the days of paying $50K-$200K in the first 6-12 months for an implementation.

It is a 12 month, auto renewing agreement. You can cancel by notifying us in writing at least 60 days prior to the renewal date. But we hope you don’t.

Most clients typically go-live on the software within 4-6 months.

Yes.  The cloud instance of your software is usually set up within 2 days of order receipt, and we begin work immediately on your deployment.

Yes.  The connections to BigCommerce and Shopify are native within the SimplyFood system.  Connections to other platforms are available from 3rd party ISV providers.  These require additional costs to purchase and implement.

No problem.  There are a lot of options for adding multiple companies to your instance.  As a general rule, if they are all using the same currency, there is no additional charge.  Contact us for more details on having more than one company.

There are options to add more storage for a small monthly increase.

SimplyFood is powered by the Acumatica platform.  The SaaS version is located on the Acumatica Cloud within AWS data centers.

Yes. The vast majority of our clients want the SaaS version of SimplyFood.  However, if you choose not to go with the SaaS option, there is another deployment option to host on your own server/hosting platform that is still a monthly charged subscription fee.  Contact us for that pricing.

Yes, your data always belongs to you. A copy of the database can be made at any time.

We typically recommend 1 time per year to make sure you take advantage of all of the latest and greatest features.  You have a 90 day sandbox included in your SaaS subscription that can be deployed at any time prior to the upgrade, which allows us to help you test any customizations/ISV add-ons you may have to make sure they are compatible with the new version before we deploy it as your live version.  This is all included in your monthly price.

Is this solution really affordable for the small and/or medium sized food production company?

It absolutely is. The SimplyFood business model is completely different than anything you have probably ever seen from an ERP vendor. Read “Who is it for?”