“We saved over $30,000 per year on credit card fees alone.”

Mike Evanisko, CTO @ American Technologies, LLC.

Looking to grow your food business?

What is your business succession plan?

Make it a cash cow?

Sell to an individual or employees?

Give business to family?



All of these are viable succession plan options. But what does that have to do with a modern food software system? As it turns out, quite a lot. A modern food software like SimplyFood can add VALUE to your company, make transitions easier and put more money in your pocket. Here is how.

Data, Data!

Reduce churn rate and keep track of customers and sales

Attract More Customers

Make it easier to do business with you and increase sales 

Make Processes Seamless

Increase profitability with more efficient food production processes


Reduce waste with easy-to-use inventory management

simply food software - saves money
Lower Operating Costs

Streamline everything about your food business and increase profitability

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Increase revenue through automation. Get more products delivered on-time and on budget. Lower operating costs. Identify trouble spots before they become larger problems. Boost eCommerce sales and reduce credit card processing fees.