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SimplyFood Referral Program

We’ll make it worth your while.

Know a company that needs a superior food & beverage ERP system? Introduce us and we will make it worth your while. It is as simple as our solution.

Introduce a new contact to SimplyFood that will soon be searching for new software, and we will give you a $500 gift card. That’s it. No fine print. No hidden strings. But wait, there is more.

If that company you introduce to SimplyFood purchases from us, we will give you 10% of the first year license subscription for that deal in the form of cash back if you are an individual, or in the form of an account credit if your company is already a SimplyFood customer.

It is a piece of cake. It is like taking candy from a baby. It is easy as pie. It is…… well you get the idea. Simply reach out to us and put us in touch with your referral contact, and we will take it from there.

Our referral program is easy as pie!